Spring 2024 - #FF0099 Hex Class

Every semester, our incoming InnoD members make up a new Hex class! We hold special events for Hex class members to get to know one another and welcome them to the InnoD Family.

*Hex is short for hexadecimal, and is a common way to describe colors digitally as a mix of the colors red, green, and blue.

Application Process

Applying to school organizations can be intimidating. That's why we've broken down our process into three simple steps!

1. Written Application + Creative Challenge

Through written questions as well as a creative challenge prompt, we want to get to know more about you and your creative process! Your creative challenge will differ based on the creative team you would most like to join (graphic design, web design, or photography).

2. Interview + Challenge Critique

Based on your written application and challenge submission, you'll be invited to participate in a 30-minute individual interview. It will consist of behavioral questions and a critique of your creative challenge submission. We're looking for someone who aligns with InnoD's mission and values, shows demonstrated interest, and has creative thinking and technical skills! This is a great time to ask any questions you have and get to know what being a part of InnoD is like.

3. Onboarding

Congratulations! If you've passed the written and interview rounds, you'll be accepted as a brand new member in our #FF0099 Hex class for Spring 2024. Look out for an email from us with information on how to get started and learn about any upcoming InnoD experiences!


For any questions, contact our VPs of Membership, Annie and Joanne, at innodatusc.membership@gmail.com!