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USC's Premiere Creative Design Agency

Innovative Design members working together on a design project.

Outside the Classroom. Beyond our Campus.

Our members spend a semester collaborating as a team on a professional client project.

We coordinate design workshops, guest speakers, events, portfolio reviews, and extend mentorship and networking opportunities to complement the field work members complete with their teams.

Members also participate in external community initiatives like conferences and competitions to promote design education and accessibility.

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Our Work

Wolf Suit Games

Reimagining a narrative-driven mobile game's assets for improved user experience.

Web • App (Game) Interface

Chateau Otoro

Logo and merchandise for beloved cat and internet personality: Otoro.

Design • Logo, Merchandise


Semesterly anthology of photos curated by our our photographers.

Photo • Magazine

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Our Services

As a student-run creative agency, we offer semester-long client work for student orgs & USC affiliated programs, plus paid client work for private businesses.

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We offer creative services within graphic design, photography, and end-to-end web design.

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